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Universal Group of High Creatures is under construction.

It is currently experiencing an expansion or major renovation. The information contained within it should not be considered fully accurate until this tag has been removed.

The Universal Group of High Creatures(UGoHC) are a special group of animals from every single herbivore species(The carnivores are uncivilised and are not listed in their records).Without this group of elite creatures,the entire universe would have fallen into chaos.


The founders were the incredile Gresal¹(Also known as the Aleso²).The only other thing that is known is that a new creature law was introduced out of nowhere and many intellegant herbivores going missing for no reason whatsoever.

For years,penguins have noticed there puffles going missing.Some returned,most didn't.Years after the new law was established,over 90 puffles had dissapeared.A few people noticed the increasing numbers,but no one cared.Even stranger was that the company never seemed to say anything. In fact, their so-called "various offices" were just empty, run-down buildings at random addresses throughout the continent. Yet no one questioned the existence or true motives of this group.

In 1997,just after their war with the carnivores,the group decided to run some tests on a few creatures.The tests were supposedly 'Nessacery',but most creatures started getting suspicius.Lots of animals noticed this time,and the Govermental Creature Sociaty(GCS) stated that all creatures reciving an invitaion from this group must not reply.When the UGoHC started not reciving replys,something changed about the group.All the invited creatures that didn't reply dissapeared 10 days after reciving the invite.

The GCS began to get really angry with this.Secret spies were sent all around every single island around club penguin,but they found nothing.They issued a emergancy call from the GCS headquaters and the inivtes were found in the Creature daily mail and destroyed.

At this time,the leaders of the UGoUC(A Gresal called Ampre and 2 Crickpengs) started worrying.Many members of their group wanted to spill the beans and tell the normal beasts,were as others were worried that the carnivores would find out and start making their own group.In the end,they told only the most trusted creatures,who swore not to tell.

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