This page is used to tell visitors all about The other creatures of club penguin Wiki.

Well hi there!This wiki is used to tell everybody about the cool,creepy,deadly,peaceful other creatures living on the club penguin island!You can edit,even create your own pages! My names Pufflelova54 and ill be your tour guide for today.Well then,lets get started! Firstly, ill be telling you about that bar at the top.Can you see it?Heres what all them gadgets do...

  • The other creatures of CP!!!! Upon clicking,this will send you to the homepage.
  • Popular pages This will have a list of what most people like to visit.
  • Carnivores Here,you can see all the creatures that would preffer a nice rosted turkey(mmmm).
  • List of all creatures Use this if you want to find a creature.
  • Herbivores You can see where they've been,they leave a trail of eaten trees.

Thanks alot.Stuck?Just click on the link to my user page.Good luck!

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