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Hiya everyone!Welcome to the awesomest,craziest,coolest Wiki around,The Other creatures of club penguin wiki! My names Pufflelova54,and ill be your tour guide for around this site.

First,im going to tell you about that bar at the top over there.Can you see it?Good.

  • Other creatures of CP!!!!:This will send you to the homepage,if you click it.
  • Popular pages:This list will have the most popular pages on it.
  • Carnivores:Wo there!Don't click this catergory unless you want to see monsters.
  • List of all creatures:Here is a list of all the creatures.Use this is you want to find a page.

Theres lots more things to do too,so I hope you stay with use and help make this wiki a success!

Thanks!Oh and admins,don't delete page unless you need too.Thanks again!

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