A crackwhip

Crackwhips are vicius colour shifters

Crackwhips are vicius carnivores. They are terrifyingly huge,and prey on anything that is smaller than them,such as piffles,puffles,penguins,you get the idea.They have a massive poison spine on their tail,which is primarilly used as a weapon.They are also canibals,eating their own babys if they can.


Crackwhips are mainly found on Puffle island,but there are reports of them being spotted on club penguin.Their most common habitats are probably Lakes,Swamps,Forests,Mountains and the Open plains.

Lake CrackwhipsEdit

Lake crackwhips are quieter and considerably smaller than other Crackwhips.They eat fish,eels,smaller Crackwhips and stray penguins.

Swamp CrackwhipsEdit

Swamp Crackwhips are the same as above,but are larger,more vicius and live in swamps.

Forest CrackwhipsEdit

These Crackwhips are the 2nd most destructive and vicius.They prey on anything smaller than themselves,and seem to destroy more than eat.

Mountain CrackwhipsEdit

Being the most vicus and destructive of all the Crackwhips,these beasts prey on ANYTHING.When taking on prey larger than themselves,they attack in groups.

Open plain CrackwhipsEdit

Same as above,but don't attack everything or anything bigger than themselves.And are less agressive.


Its pretty obvius.




14m-1098m long(OMG)


Large,8 legged creature,can be any colour,has a huge knife-like spike full of poison on their tails.Dangerous.


Any sorce of meat.Unless a Moutain Crackwhip,will not eat things bigger than self.


January-May 40-60 eggs.Nests are usally quite large and are made wherever the Crackwhip mother lives.



5m-14m long.


Same as above.


Same as above,but may eat one tiny leaf.


Is able to breed at the age of 3.


  • These animals are the largest and scariest of all the club penguin animals.
  • In the first year of their lives it is the only time they eat a single plant.
  • They are vicuis cannibals
  • A adult Crackwhip can go without food for over 20 years.

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