These strange,omnivorus beasts are the most common omnivores,being strongly built and fast.They vary in size,but are usally over a metre tall.They prey on insects,small lizards,piffles and maybe puffles. Penguins are last on the menu,but may be eaten.The plants they feast on are usally conifers,but they do like eating flowers where they can get them.They were first thought to be a type of reptile,until recent discoveres showed that they were actully birds,and could be the ancesters of the penguin.


Their diet includes both meat and plants.Because of this diet,they are very clever,and arn't fussy about what they eat.


They usally live near areas that are full of trees.They can fly and swim,climb and run,and are found in a huge range of forests inside the islands off the east coast of club penguin.They outnumber all the puffles found on these islands,too.





1m-30m long.


Large,winged bird-like figure with reptilish wings on its back,grey black in colour,females brown,both genders have huge tails.


Eats piffles,puffles,penguins and meduim size lizards.


July to October,15-30 eggs.Incubation 4-6 days,younglings become independant after 3 years.Breeds in small caves or tree holes,where it feels comfterful.

Baby to juvinileEdit


2cm-1m long.


Same as above,but instead of being those colours it is white,females grey.Colours start changing at the age of 2.


Isn't as large as adult,so will only eat piffles,maybe puffles,insects and small lizards.


Is old enough to breed after about 4 years.


  • This creature is the most succesful omnivore for over 20,000 years.
  • Its tail is so long you could rap it round a tree 20m high and still have some left!
  • You can't see its tail in pictures because of special sensers,which stop it being shown.
  • There are over 20 BILLION of them in the wild.

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